Life benefits of Running

Few months before, one of my close friend ( I don’t wish to name here ) was suffering from high blood pressure, high sugar level, cholesterol level was at peak, at the age of 32 his weight was touching 95 Kgs and a little bit addicted to drinks. By looking at his ill health, I recommended him to go for cross training ( cycling ) exercise and running ( sprint-walk ) combination so that he can move out in nature and have fresh breath which is essential for our stressful life. He started practising the same and now his improved health has motivated me to write about the benefits of running so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of running…

Running is a type of gait characterised by an aerial phase in which all feet are above the ground at particular time and this differentiates between walk and run. Running is like a meditation of complete body and everyone should grab this opportunity to keep our mind and body healthy.

Life benefits of Running :-

Cardiovascular benefits

Weight Loss : Definitely you are going to loose kilos of weight as you go on increasing the running instances day by day.

Improve Cardiovascular & Respiratory system : While running, heart and lungs come into action. The breathing rate automatically increases to 40 to 60 breaths per min i.e. up from about 15 times when at resting phase, thus helps in improvising the Cardiovascular & Respiratory system.

Improvising Cardiovascular fitness : Running is the quickest solution in order to improve the Cardiovascular fitness. Sprint-walk-sprint combination is one of the best exercise for the cardiovascular fitness.

Reduction in Total Blood Cholesterol : Doctors often recommend a daily walk or run for the peoples suffering with heart ailments and high cholesterol. A daily walk / run for about 2 to 3 Kms is must to keep the cholesterol level normal.

Increase in Bone strength : Bones starting from hips are definitely going to be strong for the people who are running regularly. Even the hands movement during the run strengthens the shoulder and hands bone.

Strengthening of the Immune system : Light / moderate run boosts our bodys natural immune system by passing protective cells through the body faster and thus eliminating the bacteria/fungus and virus.

Life Extension : Its like an anti-ageing; For Longevity, its must to go with running and develop a passion for it.

Mental Health

Running is recommended as therapy for people with depression and people coping with addiction. Running will surely allow them to enjoy the nature and scenery out there and thus improvising psychological well being.

So.., Just run and run and run…..

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